The Consultant's Quick Start Guide. An Action Planfor Your First Year In Business

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The Consultant's Quick Start Guide offers a practical approach to setting up a consulting business

New sections include Why A Consulting Career Five Reasons Why You May Be a Good Investment How Much Will Clients Pay Your first To Do List What to call your business Creating and writing Business Plans Office Location Options Setting up your office, including Furnishing Your Office and planning your Technical Needs Electronic Records, including Monthly Expense Records, Revenue Projections, and Invoicing Staying Organized, including a Session Planner Determining your market niche Creating your marketing plan Developing your website Reviewing your first year with your family Electronic resource list, available online Skills And Knowledge Required of

Throughout the guide, Elaine Biech author of the best-selling The Business of Consulting shares both her own secrets as well as those of numerous other successful consultants

With a focus on the business side of consulting, Biech takes you through a painless, fill-in-the-blanks, step-by-step process for setting up your consulting firm

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